Pineapple (all cuts, canned, plastic cup, frozen)
Mandarin Oranges (canned, plastic cup, NSA, pulp)
Papaya (red and yellow, canned, jarred, and frozen)
Guava (white and pink, canned, jarred, plastic, pouch, frozen)
Mango (canned, jarred, frozen, and puree)
Peaches (canned, jarred, and plastic)
Passion Fruit (concentrate and single strength juice)
Kiwi (canned, frozen, puree)
Pears (canned, frozen, puree, and plastic)
Strawberries (whole or cut, puree, frozen)
Lychee (canned or frozen)
Pineapple Sauce (original, coconut, strawberry)
Bananas (frozen, dried)
Coconut (frozen, dried, milk)
Grapefruit (canned, glass, plastic cup, frozen)
Loganfruit (canned or plastic cup)
Rambutan (canned or plastic cup)
Apricots (canned, frozen, puree)


Mushrooms (standard button, shitakes, straw – all cuts, canned, jarred, frozen, aseptic pouch)
Whole Kernel Corn (canned, plastic cup, frozen, cob corn)
Green Beans (cut or french, canned, plastic cup, frozen)
Green Peas (canned, plastic cup, frozen)
Mixed Vegetables (custom mixes, canned, frozen, plastic cup)
Carrots (all cuts, canned, plastic, frozen)
Baby Corn (all cuts, canned, jarred, frozen)
Water Chestnuts (whole and sliced, canned, and frozen)
Bamboo Shoots (canned and frozen)
Asian Chiles (several varieties)
Soy Beans (edamame, shelled, frozen)
Chinese Snow Peas (frozen)
Sugar-Snap Peas (frozen)
Bell Peppers (frozen)
Cauliflower (frozen)
Brocoli (frozen)
Celery (frozen)
Spinach (frozen)


Coconut Water
Aloe Drink (original, mango, pomegranate)


Chunk Light (skipjack) Tuna (can or pouch)
Solid White (albacore) Tuna (can or pouch)
Sardines (in mustard, hot sauce, soybean oil, smoked, water)
Shrimp (tiny, salad, cocktail)
Crabmeat (white, lump)
Oysters (smoked or boiled)
Salmon (can or pouch)